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Tilbury House is a multi-award winning independent publishing company

The Story

Tilbury House is an independent publishing company founded forty years ago as the Harpswell Press, publishing Maine books.  We grew slowly, adding some children’s books, and in 1990 merged with another small publisher, the Dog Ear Press, to become Tilbury House, Publishers.  Our children’s book division became a major emphasis with the publication of Talking Walls in the early 1990s, and since then we have continued to publish award-winning children’s picture books about cultural diversity, social justice, nature, and the environment.

Tilbury Learning Center

In response to the increasing classroom use of our books, we began to develop teacher’s guides for some of our titles and now offer educators and the public the Tilbury Learning Center.  The learning center houses these guides which feature classroom activities, literature links, and further resources for using our books in the classroom, with homeschoolers, or in parent-child reading.

Childrens Books

The aim of Tilbury House is to publish picture books that nourish and cultivate a child’s imagination. Picture books must be beautiful, of course, or they will not be opened. They must entertain or they will not be read. And they must be accurate, even when exploring a concept as complex as the Big Bang or as fraught as race, family, or death. But sparking the imagination is the most important thing, and the hardest.

It is through the joining of art with storytelling that a picture book sets imagination free. We are grateful for the writers and artists with whom it is our privilege to work. They continually find new stories to tell and new means of encouraging children to be themselves and to accept others. Our job is to translate the art and stories we’re given as vividly as possible to the printed page. We never tire of trying to do it better.

Adult Readers

Tilbury’s books for adult readers have evolved from an exclusive focus on New England regional culture and history to include general nonfiction and essays, gardening how-to, and the occasional novel that strikes us as so wonderful that we can’t resist publishing it.  We’ve also been able to add some amazing books to our list by distributing books for museums, universities, and other organizations.

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