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  • Coastal Companion, A
    Coastal Companion, A

    A Coastal Companion

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    A COASTAL COMPANION, by Catherine Schmitt, is a journey through the year in the Gulf of Maine and its watershed, which includes land from eastern Massachusetts to southwestern Nova Scotia. A chronicle of changes through the seasons both above and within the sea, A COASTAL COMPANION follows the arrival and departure of migrating shorebirds in spring and fall, schools of fish as they move in and out of our region, and the natural cycles of our bays, rivers, marshes, and coastal forests. Part field guide, part almanac, the book also highlights writers, artists, and scientists who have chosen the Gulf of Maine as their subject matter
  • Sea Dog's Tale, A
    Sea Dog's Tale, A

    A Sea Dog’s Tale

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    Young newlyweds Peter and Dorothy Muilenburg found their way from New Hampshire to the Virgin Islands. He had been a civil rights Freedom Fighter, jailed in Mississippi while protesting racial injustice. In St.John, she founded the Pine Peace School. They both taught. On an East End beach, he built a sailboat strong enough to take them anywhere, and they put to sea with their two young sons. But their crew was not yet complete. Santos, a schipperke, came to them as a tiny puppy and sailed with them all his life.
  • health-foods-from-healthy-soils-cover

    Healthy Foods from Healthy Soils

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    Healthy Foods from Healthy Soils invites you and your students to discover where food comes from, how our bodies use food, and what happens to food waste. You’ll participate in the ecological cycle of food production > compost formation > recycling back to the soil, while helping children understand how their food choices affect not only their own health, but farmers, the environment, and your local community.
  • HerringNightsFinalCover.indd

    Herring Nights

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    In this memoir of the herring fishery along the Maine coast in the 1970s, Joe Upton draws from the place and circumstances a mythic dimension of people in an intimate dance with their natural surroundings.
  • Kaka-cover

    If You Are A Kaka, You Eat Doo Doo

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    Animals use poop in a hundred ways that we would never dream of doing. In nature, nothing goes to waste—not even waste. The truth is, we humans can learn a few things about poop recycling from other animals. Here’s the real scoop on poop!
  • Just One More Thing, Doc
    Just One More Thing, Doc

    Just One More Thing, Doc

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    In JUST ONE MORE THING, DOC, author Brad Brown returns with a second set of stories just as entertaining and fascinating as his first book. Whether he's escaping the personal vendetta of a bull named Killer ("I was a matador without a cape"),entangled with a rabid cow, chasing a stallion (well, not quite, anymore...) through downtown Bangor, performing heart surgery in an arena, or having a close encounter--while airborne--with a B-52 bomber, this vet regards it all as part of a (long) working day.
  • Life Between Tides
    Life Between Tides

    Life Between Tides

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    LIFE BETWEEN THE TIDES, by Jill Fegley, John Moring, and Les Watling, is a fact-filled resource, arranged for easy identification, covering habitats, invertebrates, fishes, and marine plants. Maybe you simply enjoy walking along the beach, searching the wrack line and exploring tidepools. Or you fish or hunt in salt marshes and estuaries and are interested in all that surrounds you. Perhaps you’re involved in a closer look as an educator or volunteer along the coast. Here’s a beautifully illustrated little field guide that will help you identify and learn about the plants and animals of the intertidal zone.
  • maine on glass cover
    maine on glass cover

    Maine On Glass

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    Nineteenth-century Maine - famed for its lumbering, shipbuilding, and seafaring - has attracted copious attention from historians, but early twentieth-century Maine has not. Maine on Glass redresses this imbalance with 190 postcard photos and three of Maine’s foremost historians.
  • Maine's Favorite Birds
    Maine's Favorite Birds

    Maine’s Favorite Birds

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    MAINE'S FAVORITE BIRDS, by Jeffrey and Allison Wells, is perfect for everyone from kids to grandparents, parents to teachers, Mainers and tourists alike - anyone who wants to know and better appreciate the birds they see in backyards, parks, wild areas, and nature preserves. From lush forests and rocky coastlines to lakes, mountains, and rolling fields, spectacular natural beauty and diverse habitats make Maine a wonderful place for seeing and hearing some of North America's most iconic birds. This fresh new book highlights the birds that are loved by Mainers and essential to why millions of tourists visit each year. Written by well-known birders and native Mainers, and based on their years of experience answering questions, leading bird walks, and teaching people about birds, MAINE'S FAVORITE BIRDS puts the focus on Maine's most-loved and best-known birds.
  • Nature and Renewal
    Nature and Renewal

    Nature and Renewal

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    NATURE AND RENEWAL: Wild River Valley & Beyond, by Dean Bennett, is the story of a magnificent wilderness in a relatively unknown valley, circumscribed by high, steep mountains--the White Mountains of Maine and New Hampshire. It is also the story of the valley's rogue river, Wild River; of a raging wildfire and the disappearance of an entire village community; of both land abuse and land stewardship; of ecological disaster and renewal; of nature's vulnerability and resiliency; and of people who experienced tragedy and good fortune.
  • that-yankee-cat-cover

    That Yankee Cat

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    THAT YANKEE CAT, by Marilis Hornridge, is the best reference guide to the first truly American breed--the Maine Coon cat. This newest revised edition includes up-to-date breeding facts, new stories, old legends, color photos, and other information essential to anyone who has fawned over a cat with ear tufts, a neck ruff, "britches," or a glorious banner-like tail. You'll also find an updated appendix listing a variety of additional resources about the Maine Coon, and a comprehensive manual of cat care helpful to any cat owner, no matter what breed they fancy.
  • Rangeley, The
    Rangeley, The

    The Rangeley and Its Region

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    In THE RANGELEY AND ITS REGION author Stephen Cole explores the Rangeley Lakes and how they were the crucible of Maine's nineteenth-century sporting culture, and the Rangeley boat evolved out of this distinctive time and place. As essential to Rangeley as sporting camps, fishing guides, and brook trout, the namesake boat remains a true icon. THE RANGELEY AND ITS REGION tells how entwined the boat, people, lakes, town, and economy became over a century.
  • While You're Here, Doc
    While You're Here, Doc

    While You’re Here, Doc

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    In WHILE YOU'RE HERE, DOC, Veterinarian Brad Brown never knew what to expect when he was called out to a farm to deal with a sick cow or an injured horse. Invariably the cash-strapped farmer would say, "While you’re here, Doc" and rattle off a list of surprise medical chores that weren’t part of the original call. But whether he was trying to geld a spooked stallion in a blizzard or found himself in the middle of an all-out fracas involving a monkey’s abscessed tooth and a shotgun, Dr. Brown took it in stride, with great affection for his four-legged patients as well as his two-legged clients. James Herriot, Baxter Black, and E. B. White rolled into one and wearing rubber boots, Brad Brown gives us a wonderful set of stories from the life of a country vet.
  • Wilderness Partners
    Wilderness Partners

    Wilderness Partners

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    WILDERNESS PARTNERS, by Phyllis Austin, tells the story of Buzz Caverly, who first joined the ranger staff at Baxter State Park in 1960, when the new park was just taking shape under the direction of Helon Taylor and the park's donor, Percival Baxter, who wished the park to be "forever wild." Caverly's legendary career in the park--one of the most unusual wilderness areas in the nation--culminated when he became park director in 1981. Over the years he saw tremendous changes in attitude about land conservation, public access, and park management. From the "Wild West" days of the 1960s to the intensely managed years of the 1990s and beyond, the clash of personalities and politics is entertaining and inspiring, and reveals the minefield of people and issues Buzz had to negotiate to save the park's wilderness character.
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