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  • Coastal Companion, A
    Coastal Companion, A

    A Coastal Companion

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    A COASTAL COMPANION, by Catherine Schmitt, is a journey through the year in the Gulf of Maine and its watershed, which includes land from eastern Massachusetts to southwestern Nova Scotia. A chronicle of changes through the seasons both above and within the sea, A COASTAL COMPANION follows the arrival and departure of migrating shorebirds in spring and fall, schools of fish as they move in and out of our region, and the natural cycles of our bays, rivers, marshes, and coastal forests. Part field guide, part almanac, the book also highlights writers, artists, and scientists who have chosen the Gulf of Maine as their subject matter
  • 50Disasters-cover

    A History of Civilization in 50 Disasters

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    The earth shakes and cracks open. Volcanoes erupt. Continents freeze, bake, and flood. Droughts parch the land. Wildfires and hundred-year storms consume anything in their paths. Invisible clouds of disease and pestilence probe for victims. Tidal waves sweep ashore from the vast sea. The natural world is a dangerous place, but one species has evolved a unique defense against the hazards: civilization.
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    A Story of Maine 112 Objects: From Prehistory to Modern Times

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    This is a book that Maine residents and visitors will delve into again and again, unearthing new treasures with each reading.
  • 9780884485698cover

    Always Share Your Iceberg: A Penguin’s Guide to Life

    Always Share Your Iceberg: Big Words from Small Penguins is a perfect gift for Mother’s Day,Father’s Day, a graduation day?or any day!
  • 9780884485353cover

    Be Unstoppable – Second Edition

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    More than 25,000 copies sold in three languages! Updated and Expanded with New Content However the past has shaped you, your future is yours to shape, and if you want to shape it for success, you'll find no better coach than Alden Mills. Using the power of a parable and his own experiences as a Navy SEAL and accomplished entrepreneur, Mills teaches you his proven framework for success. BE UNSTOPPABLE is the parable of a young skipper who meets a remarkable, seasoned captain, and this chance meeting changes the young skipper's direction in life, setting him on course for living his dreams.
  • Eminent Mainers
    Eminent Mainers

    Eminent Mainers

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    In EMINENT MAINERS, by Arthor Douglas Stover, you'll meet Hiram Abrams, born in Portland in 1878 the son of a Russian immigrant real estate broker, who attended public schools, left school at age sixteen, sold newspapers, bought a cow and started a dairy—and eventually became the founder and president of United Artists. Or Aurelia Gay Mace, born in 1835 in Strong, a Shaker from an early age, credited with the invention of the wire coat hanger. Aurelia achieved national fame in 1890 when she mistook Charles Lewis Tiffany for a tramp, gave him lemonade, brushed his clothes, insisted that he sit down for the noon meal, and sent him off with a box lunch. Tiffany responded by sending her a set of engraved silver. Meet Milton Bradley was born in Vienna (Maine) in 1836, educated at Harvard, worked as a mechanical engineer andpatent solicitor, became interested in lithography, developed a board game, "The Checkered Game of Life," and founded the Milton Bradley Company. Or Louise Bogan, who was born in Livermore Falls in 1897, moved to Greenwich Village as a young woman, took up the bohemian life and occasionally drove the get-away car for a fur thief, and ended up as the poetry critic for The New Yorker magazine. Maine boring? Never!
  • health-foods-from-healthy-soils-cover

    Healthy Foods from Healthy Soils

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    Healthy Foods from Healthy Soils invites you and your students to discover where food comes from, how our bodies use food, and what happens to food waste. You’ll participate in the ecological cycle of food production > compost formation > recycling back to the soil, while helping children understand how their food choices affect not only their own health, but farmers, the environment, and your local community.
  • Home-Downeast-cover

    Homes Down East

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    HOMES DOWN EAST, by Earle Shettleworth, Christopher Glass and Scott Hanson, with fascinating history, gorgeous contemporary photography, and architectural insights on every page, is a book not to be missed by anyone who loves Maine, architecture, or the still-unsurpassed homes and cottages of a century ago.
  • How To Audition On Camera
    How To Audition On Camera

    How To Audition On Camera

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    “Any actor will profit from Sharon Bialy’s advice, and, should they bring this book to any audition she and I are running, will surely get not only our attention, but our respect.” -- David Mamet To win a role in a movie or on network or cable TV, you must make a strong first impression in your brief, crucial audition--and the first person you have to impress is the casting director.
  • PalmofHand Cover_10B.cdr
    PalmofHand Cover_10B.cdr

    In the Palm of Your Hand

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    SECOND EDITION IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND, by Steve Kowit, is an illuminating and invaluable guide for beginners wary of modern poetry, as well as for more advanced students who want to sharpen their craft and write poems that expand their technical skills, excite their imaginations, and engage their deepest memories and concerns. Ideal for teachers who have been searching for a way to inspire students with a love for writing--and reading—contemporary poetry.
  • Life Between Tides
    Life Between Tides

    Life Between Tides

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    LIFE BETWEEN THE TIDES, by Jill Fegley, John Moring, and Les Watling, is a fact-filled resource, arranged for easy identification, covering habitats, invertebrates, fishes, and marine plants. Maybe you simply enjoy walking along the beach, searching the wrack line and exploring tidepools. Or you fish or hunt in salt marshes and estuaries and are interested in all that surrounds you. Perhaps you’re involved in a closer look as an educator or volunteer along the coast. Here’s a beautifully illustrated little field guide that will help you identify and learn about the plants and animals of the intertidal zone.
  • Maine's Favorite Birds
    Maine's Favorite Birds

    Maine’s Favorite Birds

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    MAINE'S FAVORITE BIRDS, by Jeffrey and Allison Wells, is perfect for everyone from kids to grandparents, parents to teachers, Mainers and tourists alike - anyone who wants to know and better appreciate the birds they see in backyards, parks, wild areas, and nature preserves. From lush forests and rocky coastlines to lakes, mountains, and rolling fields, spectacular natural beauty and diverse habitats make Maine a wonderful place for seeing and hearing some of North America's most iconic birds. This fresh new book highlights the birds that are loved by Mainers and essential to why millions of tourists visit each year. Written by well-known birders and native Mainers, and based on their years of experience answering questions, leading bird walks, and teaching people about birds, MAINE'S FAVORITE BIRDS puts the focus on Maine's most-loved and best-known birds.
  • New England Gardener's Year
    New England Gardener's Year

    New England Gardener’s Year

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    This comprehensive full-color what-to/when-to/how-to reference manual covers every garden and landscape planting including the most proven and popular as well as many native New England plants that deserve to be better known. Month-by-month guidance from March through October—with suggested dates for planting and tending adjusted for each zone—is augmented by advice on such topics as soil testing, composting, pruning, landscape design, and how to provide a season-long source of pollen and nectar for beneficial insects. Gardeners will find advice and photos for adapting to any microclimate or situation including shade; wet soil; coastal landscapes; container, raised-bed, and extended-season gardening; and much more.
  • ReadingRuralCover.indd

    Reading Rural Landscapes

    Everywhere we go in rural New England, the past surrounds us. In the woods and fields and along country roads, the traces are everywhere if we know what to look for and how to interpret what we see. A patch of neglected daylilies marks a long-abandoned homestead. A grown-over cellar hole with nearby stumps and remnants of stone wall and orchard shows us where a farm has been reclaimed by forest. And a piece of a stone dam and wooden sluice mark the site of a long-gone mill. Although slumping back into the land scape, these features speak to us if we can hear them—and they can guide us to ancestral homesteads and famous sites.
  • Hidden Coast of Maine, The
    Hidden Coast of Maine, The

    The Hidden Coast of Maine

    , , ,
    Ken Textor and photographer Joe Devenney bring readers on a guided tour of the Maine coast. The pair separately--and occasionally on assignment together--have turned over many stones in this varied 3,000-mile-long coastline, seeking out and recording its moods, seasons, and secrets. Now they are sharing their rich accumulation of images and insights.
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