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  • Old Town Canoe, The
    Old Town Canoe, The

    The Old Town Canoe Company

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    In THE OLD TOWN CANOE COMPANY authors Susan Audette and David Baker explore the company's rich and diverse history, now spanning a century, and its story is told here in rich and colorful detail, from the earliest wood-and canvas canoes to today's sleek polymer models. Interwoven with the narratives are illustrations from the Old Town Canoe catalogs and archival photographs.
  • Rangeley, The
    Rangeley, The

    The Rangeley and Its Region

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    In THE RANGELEY AND ITS REGION author Stephen Cole explores the Rangeley Lakes and how they were the crucible of Maine's nineteenth-century sporting culture, and the Rangeley boat evolved out of this distinctive time and place. As essential to Rangeley as sporting camps, fishing guides, and brook trout, the namesake boat remains a true icon. THE RANGELEY AND ITS REGION tells how entwined the boat, people, lakes, town, and economy became over a century.
  • Voyage of Archangell, The
    Voyage of Archangell, The

    The Voyage of Archangell

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    Four hundred years ago, Captain George Waymouth sailed from England to the coast of Maine in search of a suitable site for an English colony. He and his crew spent twenty-nine days in May and June of 1605 sounding and exploring a very small area of the coast, which included an anchorage at the Georges Islands and the discovery of a "great river." Which river? This question has been an ongoing controversy, even to the present day. Our best information comes from James Rosier, who was aboard the ship Archangell as a "gentleman" employed to document the voyage. His narrative, A True Relation, gives us one of the earliest written accounts of the natural resources of northern New England and the Native people who resided here.
  • Voyage of Detroit, The
    Voyage of Detroit, The

    The Voyage of Detroit

    In 1912 Thomas Fleming Day, editor of The Rudder, decided to demonstrate the reliability of the internal combustion engine by taking a 35-foot double-ended powerboat from New York to St. Petersburg, Russia. The trip was an adventure: the vessel's freeboard was only 21/2 feet so she was usually awash and always rolling; the engine noise was deafening; and the boat caught fire and nearly blew up. After completing the rugged North Sea leg, Day writes, "...The last thing I did was to visit the engine room and kiss the motor good-bye..."
  • Wianno Senior Story, The
    Wianno Senior Story, The

    The Wianno Senior Story

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    THE WIANNO SENIOR STORY, by Stan Grayson, will fascinate anyone interested in the history of American small-boat racing and of Cape Cod. Designed and built by the Crosbys of Osterville, the Wianno Senior was first launched in 1914. Now, a hundred years later, the Wianno Senior is still flourishing, among the longest-lived one-designs in America.
  • Worthy of Sea
    Worthy of Sea

    Worthy of the Sea

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    WORTHY OF THE SEA, by Maynard Bray and Tom Jackson, explores the life of Knud Aage Nielsen and his boats and how his boats remain highly prized by their owners today for their construction quality, sensible arrangements, comfortable accomodations, and, above all, their seaworthiness. Contains many plans and photographs to study and enjoy.
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