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  • LiveYankees-cover

    Live Yankees

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    LIVE YANKEES, by W. H. Bunting, explores how for nearly a century members of the Sewall family built and managed a fleet of more than one hundred merchant vessels, mostly stout deepwater square-riggers. No family has been more intimately associated with the history of the city of Bath, then among the most productive shipbuilding communities of any size in the world. Despite a veneer of old-fashioned formalized civility, international shipping in the late 1800s and early 1900s was a highly competitive, low-margin, and often cut-throat business. While the Sewalls' shrewd responses to market changes make a fascinating story, the surviving correspondence from their captains offers adventure of another kind.
  • Mad for Glory Cover_19 copy(1)
    Mad for Glory Cover_19 copy(1)

    Mad For Glory

    In October, 1812, as the 32-gun U.S. frigate Essex ventured out against the British enemy, only one man had any idea that this cruise would turn into the longest, strangest naval adventure in American history. That man was Captain David Porter, who had decided to run off with the navy's ship and its three hundred men to fight a separate Pacific war--one of privateering, pillaging, and orgies. Drawing on Porter's own writings and the accounts of eyewitnesses, the author memorably recounts the events of a dark and fatal voyage in which David Porter crosses the line from commander to cult-leader, from improbable fantasy to disastrous reality.
  • Maine in the World
    Maine in the World

    Maine in the World

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    In MAINE IN THE WORLD, by Neil Rolde, the land that became Maine produced adventurous inhabitants who went outside its boundaries to do interesting things that sometimes made them famous or even infamous. The inspiration for this book came from the tiny Pacific island of Kosrae in Micronesia, where Brewer native and Bangor Theological Seminary graduate the Reverend Galen Snow converted all of the natives to Christianity, and Portlander Harry Skillins left a record as a vicious pirate and who sired a line of descendants by native women. Others in these twenty chapters are far better known, such as poets Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Pulitzer Prize winner Edna St. Vincent Millay, opera singer Lillian Nordica, and Hollywood movie director John Ford. These stories, varied as they are, provide a continuous range of Mainers' contributions to the world at large.
  • Maine Made Guns
    Maine Made Guns

    Maine Made Guns & Their Makers

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    MAINE MADE GUNS & THEIR MAKERS, by Dwight Demeritt, explores the long and rich history of Maine's firearm history and the highly skilled Yankee gunsmiths, inventors, colorful characters, and entrepreneurs behind the scenes. It is also a story that adds to our understanding of Maine's industrial history and the significant role of Maine's gun makers during the Indian wars, the Industrial Revolution, and the Civil War. This revised, updated edition includes modern companies like Saco Defense, Inc., and the parallel history of Maine made cannons and shells. With over 400 illustrations and extensive appendices, Maine Made Guns & Their Makers is an invaluable resource for the collector or anyone interested in Maine's extraordinary history.
  • maine on glass cover
    maine on glass cover

    Maine On Glass

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    Nineteenth-century Maine - famed for its lumbering, shipbuilding, and seafaring - has attracted copious attention from historians, but early twentieth-century Maine has not. Maine on Glass redresses this imbalance with 190 postcard photos and three of Maine’s foremost historians.
  • Maine's Favorite Birds
    Maine's Favorite Birds

    Maine’s Favorite Birds

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    MAINE'S FAVORITE BIRDS, by Jeffrey and Allison Wells, is perfect for everyone from kids to grandparents, parents to teachers, Mainers and tourists alike - anyone who wants to know and better appreciate the birds they see in backyards, parks, wild areas, and nature preserves. From lush forests and rocky coastlines to lakes, mountains, and rolling fields, spectacular natural beauty and diverse habitats make Maine a wonderful place for seeing and hearing some of North America's most iconic birds. This fresh new book highlights the birds that are loved by Mainers and essential to why millions of tourists visit each year. Written by well-known birders and native Mainers, and based on their years of experience answering questions, leading bird walks, and teaching people about birds, MAINE'S FAVORITE BIRDS puts the focus on Maine's most-loved and best-known birds.
  • Maine's Visible Black History
    Maine's Visible Black History

    Maine’s Visible Black History

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    MAINE'S VISIBLE BLACK HISTORY, by H. H. Price and Gerald Talbot, explores how Black men and women have been integral parts of Maine culture and society since the beginning of the colonial era. Indeed, Mainers of African descent served in every American conflict from the King Philip's War to the present. However, the many contributions of blacks in shaping Maine and the nation have, for a number of reasons, gone largely unacknowledged. Maine's Visible Black History now uncovers and reveals a rich and long-neglected strata of state history and proves a very real connection to regional and national events.
  • Maine: The Wilder Half
    Maine: The Wilder Half

    Maine: The Wilder Half of New England

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    MAINE: THE WILDER HALF OF NEW ENGLAD, by William David Barry, is a concise, solid, and surprising overview that traces 500 years of Maine history, from first contact between Native Americans and European explorers to the achievement of a Down East identity, national political power, and worldwide cultural identification.
  • Nature and Renewal
    Nature and Renewal

    Nature and Renewal

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    NATURE AND RENEWAL: Wild River Valley & Beyond, by Dean Bennett, is the story of a magnificent wilderness in a relatively unknown valley, circumscribed by high, steep mountains--the White Mountains of Maine and New Hampshire. It is also the story of the valley's rogue river, Wild River; of a raging wildfire and the disappearance of an entire village community; of both land abuse and land stewardship; of ecological disaster and renewal; of nature's vulnerability and resiliency; and of people who experienced tragedy and good fortune.
  • New England Gardener's Year
    New England Gardener's Year

    New England Gardener’s Year

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    This comprehensive full-color what-to/when-to/how-to reference manual covers every garden and landscape planting including the most proven and popular as well as many native New England plants that deserve to be better known. Month-by-month guidance from March through October—with suggested dates for planting and tending adjusted for each zone—is augmented by advice on such topics as soil testing, composting, pruning, landscape design, and how to provide a season-long source of pollen and nectar for beneficial insects. Gardeners will find advice and photos for adapting to any microclimate or situation including shade; wet soil; coastal landscapes; container, raised-bed, and extended-season gardening; and much more.
  • New Mainers
    New Mainers

    New Mainers

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    In NEW MAINERS, author Pat Nyhan explore who these new Mainers are and why have they come to Maine. They are from war-torn countries such as Somalia, Sudan, Afghanistan, and Cambodia; from poor Latin American nations; and from economically vibrant places like Hong Kong, India, and Europe--in other words, from across the global spectrum. They came to Maine for a job or to reunite with their family or because they fell in love or to attend college here or to flee persecution in their homelands. Although the twenty-five immigrants who tell their stories had widely varying reasons for coming to Maine, many have made remarkable contributions to the state.
  • North by Northeast
    North by Northeast

    North by Northeast

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    NORTH BY NORTHEAST, by Kathleen Mundell, explores how, for generations, Native American traditional artists in the Northeast have passed on their culture through beadwork, basketry, canoe making, wood carving, and quilting. Through the work and words of over thirty-five traditional artists living and working primarily in Maine and New York, North by Northeast explores these artists' connection to place, tradition, and cultural identity. A tribute to the resourcefulness and creativity of contemporary practicing artists from the Wabanaki, Akwesasne Mohawk, and Tuscarora tribes, the book is beautifully illustrated with the work of photographers Cedric Chatterley, Peggy McKenna, Jere DeWaters, and Peter Dembski.
  • On Wilderness
    On Wilderness

    On Wilderness

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    In ON WILDERNESS nearly forty writers, artists, and photographers in this extraordinary collection raise their voices for wilderness. They bear witness to the central role it plays in Maine, its importance to our understanding of nature, to our sense of who we are in the world, to our very souls, if you will. And some of them devote practical thinking to how we might recover and nurture wilderness in the future.
  • maine-christmas-cover

    One Maine Christmas Eve

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    It's Christmas Eve in Maine, and Miss Moody and her boarders Millie and Emery--as well as her pup Smittens--are all tucked into bed, when out in the barnyard there arises such a clatter...! Turns out that Santa's reindeer have come down ill and need a chance to recuperate.  Thanks to some old-fashioned down-on-the-farm ingenuity, Santa gets back on schedule with the help of a motley but willing crew like none you've ever dreamed of.
  • One Man's Meat
    One Man's Meat

    One Man’s Meat

    In print for fifty-five years, One Man's Meat continues to delight readers with E.B. Whites witty, succinct observations on daily life at a Maine saltwater farm. Too personal for an almanac, too sophisticated for a domestic history, and too funny and self-doubting for a literary journal, One Mans Meat can best be described as a primer of a countryman’s lessons. A timeless recounting of experience that will never go out of style. First published in 1944, this classic collection of enduring commentaries is reissued here with a new introduction by the author.
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