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  • caribou-alphabet-cover

    A Caribou Alphabet

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    Once common in the northern United States, caribou are more closely identified with the Canadian arctic - and with Lapland, where their domesticated relatives, reindeer, are essential to the lives of the indigenous people. Through art and rhyme, this book celebrates the strength and beauty of one of nature's great survivors.
  • Coastal Companion, A
    Coastal Companion, A

    A Coastal Companion

    , , ,
    A COASTAL COMPANION, by Catherine Schmitt, is a journey through the year in the Gulf of Maine and its watershed, which includes land from eastern Massachusetts to southwestern Nova Scotia. A chronicle of changes through the seasons both above and within the sea, A COASTAL COMPANION follows the arrival and departure of migrating shorebirds in spring and fall, schools of fish as they move in and out of our region, and the natural cycles of our bays, rivers, marshes, and coastal forests. Part field guide, part almanac, the book also highlights writers, artists, and scientists who have chosen the Gulf of Maine as their subject matter
  • Day's Work, A, Part 2
    Day's Work, A, Part 2

    A Day’s Work, Part II

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    A DAY'S WORK, PART II, by W.H. Bunting, contains extraordinary collections of photographs and narrative captions that have wide appeal to anyone interested in Maine's past. Bunting has a knack for spotting the unusual in a photograph, or some minor detail that, in fact, tells a major story about the how and why. From granite quarry operations to an itinerant cobbler in a sailing scow to hootchie-cootchie dancers at the state fair to deepwater ships, his page-long captions place these images in social and economic context—but this is not dry history. His research has uncovered a wealth of fascinating, often quirky detail (did you know that mummy wrappings were imported from Egypt for Maine paper-making?), and he makes frequent forays into the Maine storytelling tradition.
  • genius-at-his-trade-cover

    A Genius at His Trade

    This is the story of a supremely gifted sailor who became one of the 20th century's most innovative designers of both sail and powerboats. Today, the name C. Raymond Hunt remains synonymous with some of the most popular boats ever created. They include the classic Concordia yawls and sloops, the deep-V powerboat, the original Boston Whaler, the pioneering 1960 Miami-Nassau race-winner Moppie, and the production Bertram 25 and 31 Sportfishermen, among others.
  • genius-at-his-trade-cover

    A GENIUS AT HIS TRADE – paperback edition

    This is the story of a supremely gifted sailor who became one of the 20th century’s most innovative designers of both sail and powerboats. Today, the name C. Raymond Hunt remains synonymous with some of the most popular boats ever created. They include the classic Concordia yawls and sloops, the deep-V powerboat, the original Boston Whaler, the pioneering 1960 Miami-Nassau race-winner Moppie, and the production Bertram 25 and 31 Sportfishermen, among others.
  • Gift for Gita, A
    Gift for Gita, A

    A Gift for Gita

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    In A GIFT FOR GITA, by Rachna Gilmore, Gita has made friends in her adopted home, but is now faced with the possibility of returning to India where most of her relatives still live. A Gift for Gita is a touching story about the importance of friendship and stability and the meaning of 'home'. This is the final book in the critically acclaimed series.
  • 9780884484653

    A History of Ambition in 50 Hoaxes

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    What do the Trojan Horse, Piltdown Man, the Keely Motor Company, and the Cottingley Fairies have in common? They were all famous hoaxes--lies, carefully designed and bolstered with false evidence.
  • 50Disasters-cover

    A History of Civilization in 50 Disasters

    , , , ,
    The earth shakes and cracks open. Volcanoes erupt. Continents freeze, bake, and flood. Droughts parch the land. Wildfires and hundred-year storms consume anything in their paths. Invisible clouds of disease and pestilence probe for victims. Tidal waves sweep ashore from the vast sea. The natural world is a dangerous place, but one species has evolved a unique defense against the hazards: civilization.
  • 9780884484004

    A History of Medicine in 50 Discoveries

    , ,
    From Mesopotamian pharmaceuticals and Ancient Greek sleep therapy through midwifery, amputation, bloodletting, Renaissance anatomy, bubonic plague, and cholera to the discovery of germs, X-rays, DNA-based treatments and modern prosthetics, the history of medicine is a wild ride through the history of humankind.
  • 9780884483991

    A History of Travel in 50 Vehicles

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    In A History of Travel in 50 Vehicles, Paula Grey explores how creative thinkers--sometimes collaborating, sometimes competing, and always building on the work of their predecessors--have envisioned new ways to move about in the world.
  • Maine Hamlet, A
    Maine Hamlet, A

    A Maine Hamlet

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    A MAINE HAMLET, by Lura Beam, describes the village of Marshfield, near Machias, Maine, at the turn of the century. Lura Beam, who was born in 1887, lived in Marshfield for twelve years with her grandparents, spent summers there another five, and visited off and on thereafter. A graduate of Barnard with a master's from Columbia, Beam had taught black children in the South for the American Missionary Association, worked for the Interchurch World Movement and the Association of American Colleges, wrote numerous articles and co-authored two books, and then, in the 1950s, turned a gentle sociologist's eye on a village she remembered quite clearly, where, for the most part, the inhabitants were closer to their Revolutionary forebears in the seasonal rhythm of their life, in the agricultural nature of their economy, and in their sense of status and family self-sufficiency, than they are to us today.
  • 9780884485483cover

    A Man For All Oceans

    The product of years of research, A Man for All Oceans is the most comprehensive biography of Slocum ever published, and the first written by a small-boat sailor. Author/historian Grayson uncovered previously unknown original source materials to shed new light on one of history’s greatest sailors while answering questions that have been asked ever since the publication of Sailing Alone Around The World.
  • Place on Water, A
    Place on Water, A

    A Place on Water

    , , ,
    In A PLACE ON WATER, a trio of wonderful, long essays, three quite different writers - one a nature and outdoor writer, another a poet, and the third an essayist and novelist - let us sit in on their friendship and what draws them, inexorably, to the same small pond in Maine.
  • Sea Dog's Tale, A
    Sea Dog's Tale, A

    A Sea Dog’s Tale

    , ,
    Young newlyweds Peter and Dorothy Muilenburg found their way from New Hampshire to the Virgin Islands. He had been a civil rights Freedom Fighter, jailed in Mississippi while protesting racial injustice. In St.John, she founded the Pine Peace School. They both taught. On an East End beach, he built a sailboat strong enough to take them anywhere, and they put to sea with their two young sons. But their crew was not yet complete. Santos, a schipperke, came to them as a tiny puppy and sailed with them all his life.
  • 9780884486237cover

    A Season of Flowers

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    Michael Garland displays his impressive illustration range with the stylized, country-quilt, digital collage illustrations of A Season of Flowers.
  • Shipyard in Maine, A
    Shipyard in Maine, A

    A Shipyard in Maine

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    Toward the end of the nineteenth century, a new firm was established in Bath, Maine, at a time when established yards in the City of Ships were turning to steel construction. Percy & Small would set unrivaled records for wooden shipbuilding and ship management, launching 22 giant five- and six-masted schooners (along with 16 four-masters) in two decades. Not just builders, Percy & Small also demonstrated an unusual knack for making money as managing owners of a large fleet of schooners, and the stories of their ships are told in these pages in wonderful detail. Doug Lee's meticulously researched construction drawings add immeasurably to the technical information presented in this book. Maritime enthusiasts and modelmakers will find a wealth of information here.
  • 9780884483779

    A Story of Maine 112 Objects: From Prehistory to Modern Times

    , , ,
    This is a book that Maine residents and visitors will delve into again and again, unearthing new treasures with each reading.
  • always-mom-cover

    Always Mom, Forever Dad

    , , , , , ,
    ALWAYS MOM, FOREVER DAD explores today's world where more and more children have parents who live separately. As these children move between homes, they can't help but wonder: will mom still love me? Will Dad? In this reassuring picture book, young readers see children who have two households whether because of divorce, separation, or other circumstances experiencing life's ups and downs with both parents secure in the knowledge that Mom will always be Mom, and Dad is forever Dad.
  • Always My Brother
    Always My Brother

    Always My Brother

    , , , , ,
    In ALWAYS MY BROTHER, by Jean Reagan, Becky and her brother John were best buddies, telling jokes, caring for their dog Toby together, and playing soccer. John was always there to cheer her up and help her out--until he died. Becky wishes everything could go back to the way it was. When she is surprised and feels guilty about enjoying a friend's birthday party, her mom wraps reassuring arms around her and says, "Don't you think he'd want you to laugh, even now?" She gradually realizes that she can still enjoy the things that they used to do together and that the memories of John continue to make him part of their family.
  • 9780884485698cover

    Always Share Your Iceberg: A Penguin’s Guide to Life

    Always Share Your Iceberg: Big Words from Small Penguins is a perfect gift for Mother’s Day,Father’s Day, a graduation day?or any day!
  • Amadi's Snowman
    Amadi's Snowman

    Amadi’s Snowman

    , , , , ,
    In AMADI'S SNOWMAN, Katia Novet Saint-lot, why does Amadi's mother insist he learn to read words when he is going to be a great businessman? Why should an Igbo man of Nigeria waste precious time on books, anyway? When Amadi disobeys his mother and runs off to the market instead of sticking around for a reading lesson, he encounters a much-admired older boy secretly reading at a book stall. Crowding himself in among the stacks of books, Amadi becomes intrigued by a storybook with pictures of a strange white creature with a carrot for a nose. Over the course of a typical mischievous day, unable to shake his questions about the snowman, Amadi discovers the vast world reading could open up--especially for an Igbo man of Nigeria.
  • AnaFinalCover

    Ana and the Sea Star

    , , , ,
    This beautiful picture book celebrates the power of imagination and an appreciation of the natural world.
  • As Maine Went
    As Maine Went

    As Maine Went

    , ,
    Imagine if the future well-being of your State is handed by 38% of its voters to a governor who tells the NAACP to "kiss my butt"; who jokes that the worst his lax policies on toxic chemicals in consumer products will do is cause women to grow "little beards"; who falsely claims that an active wind turbine is fake and run by "a little electric motor"; and who loudly condemns your state's public schools as the worst in the nation while a national news magazine is ranking them among the best.
  • 9780884485230cover

    Astronaut Annie

    , , , , , , ,
    Annie's joyful exuberance and her family's wholehearted support leave no doubt that her dream is within her grasp. This delightful story?with backmatter about women astronauts?encourages young readers to pursue their dreams and reach for the stars.
  • Avas-adventure-cover

    Ava’s Adventure

    , , , , ,
    Ava is disappointed that she can't go on a snowboarding trip with her friend. Ava escapes to her room, where she finds that the power of imagination and her own creativity take her farther than any snowboard could.
  • Backyard Maine
    Backyard Maine

    Backyard Maine

    , , , ,
    In BACKYARD MAINE, Edgar Allen Beem examines, muses about, scoffs at, reveals, and celebrates everyday life in Maine, from high school sports to high-priced homes, aging dogs to aging cars, politics to religion, underwear to naps, berry-picking to clam festivals, and much, much more. Opinionated, insightful, humorous, and sometimes controversial, Ed Beem enjoys his role as a local observer, and these essays will resonate with anyone tuned in to day-to-day life in backyard Maine.
  • 9780884485353cover

    Be Unstoppable – Second Edition

    , ,
    More than 25,000 copies sold in three languages! Updated and Expanded with New Content However the past has shaped you, your future is yours to shape, and if you want to shape it for success, you'll find no better coach than Alden Mills. Using the power of a parable and his own experiences as a Navy SEAL and accomplished entrepreneur, Mills teaches you his proven framework for success. BE UNSTOPPABLE is the parable of a young skipper who meets a remarkable, seasoned captain, and this chance meeting changes the young skipper's direction in life, setting him on course for living his dreams.
  • Bear-ly There
    Bear-ly There

    Bear-ly There

    , , , , , ,
    In BEAR-LY THERE, by author/illustrator Rebekah Raye, we learn what do you do when there's a bear in your backyard. A big black bear shows up one moonlit night and creates a real ruckus, first breaking into the shed where the grain is kept for the geese (who aren't too happy about it), then raiding the bird feeders. The bear is also causing problems at other homes in the neighborhood, getting into the trash and compost and eating dog food that was left out overnight. One neighbor offers to shoot it. Another one suggests calling the game warden to have the bear tranquilized and relocated. But the child among them knows what is best. A bear belongs in the woods, he says, and together with the adults clears the yards in the neighborhood of any food that would tempt the bear. His dad comes up with a good idea for warning the bear away--and it works!
  • BEES IN THE CITY cover art (002)
    BEES IN THE CITY cover art (002)

    Bees in the City

    , , , , ,
    Lionel lives in a Paris apartment building but loves keeping bees with his Aunt Celine at her farm outside the city. But when her bees start dying, how can he help?
  • before-we-eat-cover

    Before We Eat

    , , , , , , , ,
    Before we eat, many people must work very hard planting grain, catching fish, tending animals, and filling crates. In this book, vibrantly illustrated by Caldecott Medalist Mary Azarian, readers find out what must happen before food can get to our table to nourish our bodies and spirits.
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