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  • Snow Squall
    Snow Squall

    Snow Squall

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    In the middle of the nineteenth century, American clipper ships astounded the maritime world with their amazingly swift passages to and from faraway seaports, bringing back exotic and valuable cargoes of tea, spices, and silk. Of all those clippers, only one remains: the Maine-built Snow Squall, whose bow section was rescued from the remote Falkland Islands by the Snow Squall Project in the 1980s. This book begins (and ends) with an unusual volunteer archaeological expedition in the aftermath of the Falkland War but quickly becomes a maritime detective story, as snow squall's story is pieced together further with information gleaned from shipping lists, newspaper accounts, disaster books, and diaries.
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    Stone Wall Secrets

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    What can rocks in old stone walls tell us about how the earth's crust was shaped, melted by volcanoes, carved by glaciers, and weathered by the elements? And what can they tell us about earlier people on the land? As Adam and his grandfather work to repair the family farm's old stone walls, Adam learns how fascinating geology can be, and how a landscape provides clues to the past.
  • swimming-home-cover

    Swimming Home

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    In SWIMMING HOME, by Susan Shetterly, the story follows a school of fish (river herring, or alewives) on a journey of hundreds of miles, escaping porpoises, seals, eagles, and herons.  Swimming Home is also the moving story of a boy and his father who see the fish stopped just short of their goal by a new road, and transport them across the last hundred feet.
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    Sylvia Rose and the Cherry Tree

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    In rhymed couplets, with magical illustrations, Sylvia Rose and the Cherry Tree spins a story of adventure, imagination, and the importance of home.
  • Talking Walls
    Talking Walls

    Talking Walls

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    Talking Walls introduces young readers to different cultures by exploring the stories of walls around the world and how they can separate or hold communities together.
  • Talking Walls: Discover Your World
    Talking Walls: Discover Your World

    Talking Walls: Discover Your World

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    TALKING WALLS: DISCOVER YOUR WORLD, by Margy Burns Knight and illustrated by Anne Sibley O'Brien, introduces young readers to different cultures by exploring the stories of walls around the world and how they can separate or hold communities together.
  • Talking Walls: Discover Your World - Bundle
    Talking Walls: Discover Your World - Bundle

    Talking Walls: Discover Your World – Bundle

    Class room bundle. We're offering this bundle for educators with fifteen (15!) copies of our bestselling TALKING WALLS: Discover Your World.  Educators are eligible for a 50% discount - if you're an educator, you can sign up here to instantly receive your discount. Educators that are tax exempt, please let us know and we can refund your credit card.
  • Talking Walls: Stories Continue
    Talking Walls: Stories Continue

    Talking Walls: Stories Continue

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    Walls function as memory, as well as barriers. Here, the author and illustrator have fashioned a unique book that introduces young readers to the walls of different cultures. Fourteen vibrantly colored pastels, across two open pages, bring you inside the world of each wall, and the text presents information about each place.
  • Thanks-to-animals-cover

    Thanks to the Animals

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    Little Zoo Sap and his family are moving from their summer home on the coast to the deep woods for the winter, traveling on a big bobsled pulled by big horses. When Zoo Sap falls off of the sled unnoticed, the forest animals hear his cries and come to shelter him—everyone from the tiny mouse to the giant moose to the great bald eagle—keeping him warm and safe until his father comes back to find him.
  • that-yankee-cat-cover

    That Yankee Cat

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    THAT YANKEE CAT, by Marilis Hornridge, is the best reference guide to the first truly American breed--the Maine Coon cat. This newest revised edition includes up-to-date breeding facts, new stories, old legends, color photos, and other information essential to anyone who has fawned over a cat with ear tufts, a neck ruff, "britches," or a glorious banner-like tail. You'll also find an updated appendix listing a variety of additional resources about the Maine Coon, and a comprehensive manual of cat care helpful to any cat owner, no matter what breed they fancy.
  • A1 Diner, The
    A1 Diner, The

    The A1 Diner

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    The A1 DINER, by Sarah Rolph, starts in 1946 when Worcester Diner #790 arrived by truck and was installed at 3 Bridge Street in Gardiner, Maine. Under the name of Heald's Diner, it served employees of Gardiner's mills and factories with an emphasis on ample portions served quickly. The diner is still at 3 Bridge Street, still a marvel of efficiency and art modern design, still a local gathering place, still serving the same warm, flaky biscuits. But under the ownership of Mike Giberson and Neil Anderson since 1988, the little A1 Diner (as it is now known) draws customers (and restaurant reviews) from far and wide with its wonderfully eclectic menu (you can order Bouillabaisse or meatloaf), its emphasis on fresh, local food, and its upscale deli and specialty food store next door, A1 To Go. This is a small business success story, filled with characters from either side of the counter, packed with recipes and kitchen notes, enjoyable down to the last bite.
  • 9780884486015cover

    The Acadia Files: Summer Investigations

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    Acadia Greene wants answers. Who keeps stealing her blueberries just as they ripen on the bushes? Why is her hair curly? Why does the sun wake her up so early in the summer? Why does the tide submerge her sandcastles?
  • francis-hamabe-cover

    The Art of Francis Hamabe

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    One of Maine's most beloved artists, Francis Hamabe was born in 1917 in Orange, New Jersey, to a Japanese father and Swedish mother. He served in World War II and attended the Rhode Island School of Design. Moving to Maine in 1947, Hamabe established himself as a sought-after painter, printmaker, ceramicist, and pupeteer. A dedicated teacher he was the first art instructor at the Farnsworth Art Museum and later taught at the University of Maine at Machias he also served as art director for Down East and Maine Life magazines and for the state's first public television station in Orono.
  • Catboat Era, The
    Catboat Era, The

    The Catboat Era

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    THE CATBOAT ERA, by John M. Leavens, takes us to Newport, R.I. When we think of Newport at the end of the nineteenth century, we think of life lived large--big houses, big yachts, big money. But like the diversity of people to be found in any waterfront town, there was a diversity of watercraft in Newport waters. In among the yachts are found the workboats and other small craft. John Leavens took a look back at the humble catboat, and found a wealth of information about its origin, its builders, and its owners.
  • Cranberry, The
    Cranberry, The

    The Cranberry

    THE CRANBERRY, by Stephen Cole and Lindy Gifford, explores how a wild fruit became a cultivated commodity; the American cranberry contains equal amounts of holiday symbolism and antioxidants. Its evolution over the past century is a surprising story of risk, enterprise, conflict, and the tension between tradition and innovation. The cranberry is characterized by the distinctive regions--from Cape Cod to the Pacific Northwest--where it is grown. But the diminutive fruit has also changed the life and landscape of these places. THE CRANBERRY harvests stories, images, and observations to tell the unusual tale of an American subculture dominated by this tart little red fruit.
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