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  • the-secret-pool-cover

    The Secret Pool – Bundle

    More for less! Calling all educators! Fifteen (15!) copies of our award-winning THE SECRET POOL. Educators are eligible for a 50% discount of the list price - if you're an educator, you can sign up here to instantly receive your discount.
  • TH-sodaBottleCover-final.indd

    The Soda Bottle School

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    In THE SODA BOTTLE SCHOOL, students, in a Guatemalan village, are squished into their tiny schoolhouse, two grades to a classroom. The villagers had tried expanding the school, but the money ran out before the project was finished. No money meant no materials, and that meant no more room for the students. Until one boy got a wonderful, crazy idea: Why not use soda bottles, which were readily available, to form the cores of the walls? Sometimes thinking outside the box—or inside the bottle—leads to the perfect solution.
  • Story I Want To Tell, The
    Story I Want To Tell, The

    The Story I Want To Tell

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    A compilation of forty stories, essays, and poems. Half of them were written by young writers who work with The Telling Room in Portland, Maine, and the other half by experienced writers who were inspired by the work of their younger counterparts.
  • very-best-bed-cover

    The Very Best Bed

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    Rebekah Raye's wonderful watercolor paintings take us along on the gray squirrel's search for just the right bed. Where, oh where, will he sleep tonight?
  • Voyage of Archangell, The
    Voyage of Archangell, The

    The Voyage of Archangell

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    Four hundred years ago, Captain George Waymouth sailed from England to the coast of Maine in search of a suitable site for an English colony. He and his crew spent twenty-nine days in May and June of 1605 sounding and exploring a very small area of the coast, which included an anchorage at the Georges Islands and the discovery of a "great river." Which river? This question has been an ongoing controversy, even to the present day. Our best information comes from James Rosier, who was aboard the ship Archangell as a "gentleman" employed to document the voyage. His narrative, A True Relation, gives us one of the earliest written accounts of the natural resources of northern New England and the Native people who resided here.
  • Voyage of Detroit, The
    Voyage of Detroit, The

    The Voyage of Detroit

    In 1912 Thomas Fleming Day, editor of The Rudder, decided to demonstrate the reliability of the internal combustion engine by taking a 35-foot double-ended powerboat from New York to St. Petersburg, Russia. The trip was an adventure: the vessel's freeboard was only 21/2 feet so she was usually awash and always rolling; the engine noise was deafening; and the boat caught fire and nearly blew up. After completing the rugged North Sea leg, Day writes, "...The last thing I did was to visit the engine room and kiss the motor good-bye..."
  • Wianno Senior Story, The
    Wianno Senior Story, The

    The Wianno Senior Story

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    THE WIANNO SENIOR STORY, by Stan Grayson, will fascinate anyone interested in the history of American small-boat racing and of Cape Cod. Designed and built by the Crosbys of Osterville, the Wianno Senior was first launched in 1914. Now, a hundred years later, the Wianno Senior is still flourishing, among the longest-lived one-designs in America.
  • 9780884485612cover

    The World Never Sleeps

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    This nonfiction picture book reveals the hidden lives of insects and other small creatures from one midnight to the next.
  • tilbury-bundle-20
  • Under the Night Sky
    Under the Night Sky

    Under the Night Sky

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    Winter has a special beauty for those living in northern climates--even for those who live in cities. And winter nights can provide the most spectacular sights of all! To her son's great surprise, a working, single mom breaks her routine one night and rushes her son downstairs to join their neighbors as they spontaneously celebrate the beauty of the northern lights--the aurora borealis. Nature is the central character in this story, and the spell it weaves provides this mother and son with a special moment they can look back on with great happiness.
  • Unplugged


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    Ella is really frustrated. Lately it seems like the whole family has forgotten how to be together. Instead of playing Hangman and making waffles, everyone is talking on cell phones, playing video games, and using the computer. What's a girl to do? When Ella finally makes her move, it gets everyone's attention. At first there is some confusion--could Ella just want a cell phone of her own? But Ella makes clear that what she really wants is her family back. Will they all agree that it's time to make some changes?
  • unsettled-past-cover

    Unsettled Past, Unsettled Future

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    UNSETTLED PAST, UNSETTLED FUTURE, by Neil Rolde, delves into the headlines that have been full of controversy over casinos, racinos, land claims settlements, and sovereign rights for Native Americans in Maine—and how it’s likely that we’ll be talking about these complex issues for some time yet. A capable historian with an enjoyable narrative style, Neil Rolde puts these controversies in context by telling the larger story of Maine Indians since earliest times.
  • Voyages: A Franco-American Reader
    Voyages: A Franco-American Reader

    Voyages: A Franco-American Reader

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    In VOYAGES, edited by Barry Rodrigue and Nelson Madore, dozens of voices celebrate--in essays, stories, plays, poetry, songs, and art--the Franco-American and Acadian experience in Maine. They explore subjects as diverse as Quebec-Maine frontier history, immigrant drama, work, genealogy, discrimination, women, community affairs, religion, archeology, politics, literature, language, and humor. The voices, themselves, are equally diverse, including Norman Beaupré, Michael Michaud, Ross and Judy Paradis, Susann Pelletier, John Martin, Béatrice Craig, Michael Parent, Linda Pervier, Alaric Faulkner, Ray Levasseur, Yves Frenette, Paul Paré, Yvon Labbé, Rev. Clement Thibodeau, Bob Chenard, Denis Ledoux, Josée Vachon, Greg Chabot, Jean-Paul Poulain, Stewart Doty, Rhea Côté Robbins, and many others. This is a rich resource and an engaging read, one that will resonate with many.
  • 9780884486411cover

    Welcoming Babies, 2E

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    Everyone marvels at babies: parents, grandparents, siblings, even other babies are fascinated by babies! Now available in paperback, WELCOMING BABIES visits with people around the globe and looks at the diverse ways they treasure new life.
  • Well Out to Sea
    Well Out to Sea

    Well Out to Sea

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    What's it like to live on an island twenty-two miles out to sea? Where there are only three dozen winter residents? Where the local economy is lobstering? Period. Where your most reliable source of transportation off the island may be a small Cessna and the airstrip is dirt (or snow or mud)? Where, if the forecaster says the storm is headed safely out to sea, you know it's coming your way? Eva Murray moved to Matinicus in 1987 to teach in its one-room school. She married an island man and stayed to raise their family there. Over the years she's written a number of lively columns and articles for mainland publications. These are the stories of that unique community, of an interdependence that is all too rare these days but necessary for this island's survival.
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