Our Maine Award Winners!

Our Maine Award Winners!
May 19, 2016 Tilbury House
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We found ourselves at the annual Reading Roundup hosted by the Maine State Library last month. Instead of attending solely as a vendor there to supply books to librarians lucky enough to have a purchasing budget from their schools, we had the additional pleasure of being there to support three of our talented book makers who each won awards for which every book maker in Maine longs.

The Katahdin Award for Lifetime Achievement: Cathryn Falwell!

The Maine State Library Association has granted Cathryn Falwell the Katahdin Award for an outstanding body of children’s literature created and shared in the state of Maine.
In the 20 years that this children’s book illustrator and author has lived in Maine, she has visited close to 200 schools, libraries, and literacy events, interacting with more than 20,000 young readers.
Her read-alouds and activities inspire creativity, encourage outdoor exploration, promote healthy eating, and show the children of Maine the diverse faces of this country.  Starting with the publication of FEAST FOR 10 in 1993, Cathryn Falwell has made sure the characters in her books reflected the classrooms she knew best—her children’s elementary school in Hartford, Connecticut.
Growing up in the Midwest, Cathryn Falwell was always drawing and creating collages.  By second grade she knew she wanted to write books and later, with her BFA in printmaking from the University of Connecticut School of Fine Arts, she knew she could also illustrate them.
Falwell’s books often feature young artists who are caught between the joy of making art and that all-too-common elementary age need to make something perfect.  A girl struggles with the perfection of origami in BUTTERFLIES FOR KIRI (Lee & Low, 2003), a soon-to-be big sister wants to make a quilt that matches the picture in her mind in THE NESTING QUILT (Tilbury House, 2015), and David draws the tree he sees on the way to school in DAVID’S DRAWINGS (Lee & Low, 2001).
Like her characters, Cathryn Falwell is drawn to diversity, creativity, and the great outdoors. Because she chooses to express those passions in the pages of children’s books, she has inspired a lifetime of readers toward empathy, art, and respect for the Maine environment.”
We are proud of Cathryn and of the book she made for us!


The Lupine Award for Best Children’s Book of the Year: Island Birthday!

“Inspired by Miss Rumphius, the classic Maine children’s book character who plants lupines across the state, the Maine state librarians honor children’s books each spring with the Lupine Award.   This year the Lupine Award honored the picture book ISLAND BIRTHDAY by Matinicus Island author Eva Murray, illustrated by Peaks Island’s Jamie Hogan and published by Tilbury House Publishers in Thomaston.

“As a Maine publisher, we have an automatic affinity for stories that portray the uniqueness of life in Maine,” says Tris Coburn of Tilbury House Publishers, “it’s not often that we get the chance to share that story from the perspective of a child growing up in one of Maine’s purest forms: island life. This book reminds us of the importance of a shared upbringing, of a communal experience, and the impact each of us has on another, no matter our age or circumstances.”

In Eva Murray’s picture book ISLAND BIRTHDAY (Tilbury House Publishers, 2015), Riley’s birthday is coming, but the mail plane with his gifts from the mainland has been unable to fly for days because of bad weather. Riley makes the rounds amongst his neighbors, eventually realizing that everything he needs for a great birthday is already right at hand. Murray has depicted what Maine islands are really about – community.

Eva Murray’s books for adults, ISLAND SCHOOLHOUSE: ONE ROOM FOR ALL and WELL OUT TO SEA: YEAR-ROUND ON MATINICUS ISLAND (Tilbury House), open a window into island life.  When Murray wanted to open her world to young readers, she brought Tilbury House Publishers a picture book manuscript.  When it came time to illustrate Murray’s manuscript, Tilbury House editor Audrey Maynard turned to another Maine islander, illustrator Jamie Hogan.

“Both islands possess a raw beauty that inspires me,” said Jamie Hogan, while accepting the Lupine Award.

Eva Murray recalls visitors to Matinicus Island asking how her children, who enjoyed the same freedoms as Riley in ISLAND BIRTHDAY, would survive in the “real world.”  Again and again, Eva Murray reminds island visitors and now young readers, that is does not get more real than living 20 miles out to sea relying on your neighbors and your own ingenuity.”



Note: Text taken from the official press releases

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